Why Summer?

If there is a season that could describe the high point of a person’s life most accurately, I think it would be summer.

Summer, whether in its glorious sunny days or sudden rainstorms, is a season that represents life, harvest, and conquests. It shows us, the onlookers, the best things that life have to offer. Furthermore, we are invited to take part, to put ourselves forward and take on the challenge of contributing something meaningful.

Sometimes the summers of our lives come naturally, sometimes unexpectedly. Personally, I aim to always be vigilant about my time, be constantly learning, developing skills, gaining knowledge, and staying curious. When the summer of my life come, I with to be able to seize it with as much strength and understanding and open-mindedness as possible.

Look at that summer out there, pick the most beautiful, glorious day that seems to put all the other seasons of your past behind: you, your life, could be even more beautiful, fruitful and glorious than that summer.

Throughout this website, I share insights on three main topics:

  1. Ideas and philosophies that offer creative ways of problem solving, motivate and increase productivity, while challenge conventional (and often time average) ways of looking at the world.

  2. Commentary on current social and cultural ideas, trends, people. My current interest right now is on the upcoming Generation Z.

  3. Professionally, I also write about being a professional, business’s branding, marketing, and how to incorporate story-telling to advertising to create a mesmerizing, profitable brand.

Some of my ideas come from reading, some come from personal experience, some are speculation and theories.

I hope my words reach an audience of people who are open, clear-minded and love to learn new things as much as I do.

Sometimes, the summer of our live comes unexpectedly. Would you be ready to grab the right opportunities when they show up at your door?

I do not claim to know the answer to everything. But I am on a serious quest to make the best out of my time, my resources, and my youth.All of this is not a metaphor to me, but a serious and personal matter.

This website is an open journal of my quest to conquer summer.

And you’re invited to join the journey.